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It’s Time For Your Retirement Test


October 12, 2020


Recently, we did our ‘Back To School For Your Retirement’ show.  Students across the country have been getting back to school over the last several weeks.  However, “back to school” is not just for students anymore.  You have to make sure to continue your retirement education each and every year due to all the many changes that take place in the financial arena.  


Over the last several years, there has been an explosion in technology.  These major advancements have created several advancements in automation.  There are even cars now that drive themselves!  Of course, these advancements in technology are designed to make life easier, which they do in many circumstances.


However, automation is not a good thing for everything.  Even though some advancements in technology have been good in the financial industry, it is not a good idea to put your retirement plan on autopilot.  There are so many changes each and every year in the financial arena such as tax law, interest rate and economic changes.  In addition, each year there are rule and law changes that you have to adapt to, and you may very well have goal and objective changes over your retirement lifetime.  To keep your retirement plan up to date, accurate and set up in the best way for your specific situation, you have to be educated and informed of these changes each and every year and make the necessary adjustments to your retirement plan.  A retirement plan on autopilot with no annual adjustments simply will not work.


So, how up to date do you think you are when it comes to the latest retirement rules and laws, especially after this year.  If you have any questions or would like to test your knowledge on retirement to see if you can do better than most of the Americans who failed a quiz based on several surveys done recently to test Americans' retirement knowledge, please feel free to contact us at Heritage Solutions Group at 801-727-8780.  

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