Heritage Solutions Group utilizes a comprehensive review process to help you plan, preserve and protect your financial life and work to gain peace of mind for retirement. When you meet with Todd, the first step we take together is discovery. We learn about your financial goals and lifelong dreams, whether you want to send a child to college, assist an aging parent or reach your retirement destination. We analyze your current financial situation, identify your risk exposure and perform a portfolio analysis.


The next step of our process is to recommend a financial plan that takes all of the information gained during discovery into account. We answer any questions you might have about the recommended financial plan and explain the strategies and tools that would be used to implement it. Our first priority is your peace of mind and understanding, so we make it our goal to educate you on all your options.


Once you’ve gained a thorough understanding of the recommended financial plan, it’s time to put the plan in motion. We will implement your detailed financial plan, keeping you informed every step of the way while managing every aspect. Our comprehensive, results-oriented approach means we handle your finances while you enjoy the path to your retirement goals.


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